It all started when...

My dad gave me a set of colored markers.

I am a Texas city girl living in the Pennsylvania countryside. I have worked as a professional artist for the gift and home decor markets for more than 10 years . My art can be seen on a wide variety of products including dinnerware, calendars, garden flags, kitchen textiles, quilting fabric and greeting cards. 

I'm grateful to have a family who encourages me to follow my dreams. I am a mom to two sons who are leaving our little nest and creating new and exciting lives for themselves. I am deeply grateful for my family’s love and support and for the clarity they give their right-brained mom and wife.

What I love...

I love time spent talking with my sons, getting up early in the morning while the house is still quiet, and enjoying my first cup of coffee. I love taking the first few steps into my studio and sensing the possibilities. I’m captivated watching the birds watch me through my studio windows. 

I love the fall. I love the winter. I love the spring. I love the summer. 

I love creating art!