Tying Up Loose Ends

It’s raining! I love working in my studio on rainy days in the spring… windows open with the soft sound of a light rain.

Today was tying up loose ends day. There’s almost always tweaks to be made to projects. That’s just the way it is when doing art for someone else. If you’re interested in licensing your art, be prepared.

I still have one big project on the table, but the deadline will give me more time to think and plan for it. Sunday is a great day for this. I love getting up early, doing my devotions and getting some quiet time to think about my art. I do feel that God has a plan for it.

I’m off to fix supper. It’s “dinner and a movie” around our house tonight. We usually do it on Saturday, but we have plans with dear friends to go to an exciting new quaint place.

Please have a wonderful weekend!