Morning Inspiration.

My little Chihuahua girlie likes to wake up before the sun. This means I too have to get up before the sun. I actually enjoy it. Coffee always tastes better right before daylight.

I'm always a bit uncomfortable to take her out for her morning "necessary" trip while it's still dark. Our yard backs up to a small patch of forrest inhabited by deer, fox, ground hogs and about 1000 birds, including some huge birds of prey. A split-rail fence keeps the big guys out but the little guys know how to make their way in. NiNi delights in chasing anything that moves. I don't think she understands that just about everything is bigger than she is.

Occasionally, we time our morning outing just right and get to experience the sun peeking over the hills. How close God feels during this time!

So feeling inspired, I'm heading off now to do a little painting for my Country Pleasures 2019 calendar. 

Hope you have a wonderfully inspired day!!