Happy New Year!!

What happened? All of a sudden it's the middle of January 2016. Actually, I know what happened. This little girl came to live with us and turned my life (and my studio) upside down. In a good way.

For the last year I have wanted a little doggy friend, but after loosing two pups (one 16 and one 17 years old) a few years back, I had resisted. I told myself that when the time was right, a new little one would find me... and she did, via my son. 

This adorable 3.5 pound, 4 month old little girly Chihuahua came to live with us a few days after Christmas. She needed a home and I needed her.  Right now, my sunroom is a puppy nursery with puppy beds, puppy toys and wee pads. Any potty training advice would be greatly appreciated!!

So for now, she watches every move I make and sleeps next to me while I work in my studio. She's just what I needed.

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