Nose to the grindstone! (or Surtex is coming!)

My nose has been to the grindstone lately (do people still say that?). Surtex, the big art licensing show in NYC is quickly approaching, May 17, 18, & 19. This show offers artists and illustrators interested in licensing their designs the opportunity to show their work to all sorts of companies including tableware, kitchen textiles, stationery, garden flag companies, fabric and much more. Artists can rent booth space (expensive) in which to display their art, hoping to catch the eye of passing art buyers. I am represented by an agency, Courtney Davis, Inc, that will be showing my work. The more art I can produce, the more they have to work with.... so, nose to the grindstone!

I try to take lots of breaks when I'm in "Surtex mode". I like to visit websites of companies that license my art. I discovered these lovely ceramic tile coasters on my visit to Current, Inc. Aren't they lovely? I'm just crazy about them! Truth be told, I haven't seen them in person yet, and can't wait until my samples arrive!

Well... back to work for me. I hope your spring is coming along nicely. Our weather is finally starting to cooperate. I love opening the windows in my studio and letting a nice breeze float through. It really makes these long days in the studio enjoyable!

Have a very blessed day!