Our little family has made three cross-country moves... Beaumont, TX to Atlanta, Atlanta to Houston, and finally Houston to the Philadelphia area. Each time I would have to leave behind the life I was developing and rebuild in a new area.  I worried about how hard this was on the kids and tried hard to make the transition as easy as possible.

Through all of those years I longed to focus more on my art and our house.  I so admire women that seem to be able to juggle many balls at the same time. I am not one of them. We have now been in Pennsylvania for over 12 years... the longest we have lived anywhere.  It seems like only yesterday that we moved into our freshly built home. All of a sudden, 14 years have passed.  What happened? Life happened! We raised two kids and sent them off into the world (well, sort of.... do they ever really leave?), cared for an aging parent with cancer, and launched a career licensing my art.

So now, it’s my turn. It's time to slow down and pay a little attention to both myself and our suburban farmhouse. It's time both of us get some tender, loving care. I’m discovering all the beauty we are surround by here, the rolling hills, the mist certain times of year, the brilliant colors of the fall, orchards, vineyards, Amish farmer’s markets and so much more.  We have quaint Main Street’s with delightful cafe’s, coffee shops and loads of art galleries.  In fact, the first Friday of each month during the summer Art Stroll happens.  All of the local galleries and cafe’s stay open late. Early fall brings our Mushroom Festival, which is a “can’t miss” event.

Our "Suburban Farmhouse" sits in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  To the east of us is Philadelphia. To the west, Lancaster County.  We are surrounded with beauty and history. As I venture out and explore our little town and the countryside, I'm seeing a change in my art. Why didn't I do this sooner?

I’m so thankful to be in an area that is filled with so much inspiration!