Ready for Spring?

As I write this, we are covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow with more on the way. But right now...the sun is shinning and the snow is sparkling!

Even though the snow is beautiful, I'm beginning to long for spring. This transplanted Texas girl can only handle so much! I told myself that I was not going to rush winter this year, but enjoy every minute of it's bleak grayness. There's beauty in that too, right?

This delivery from Enchante´ Accessories came to my door this week and made me want to forget about how cold it was (12°F) and maybe do a wee bit of spring decorating. Right now they are stacked on the coffee table in the middle of our family room so that I can enjoy them while trying to get warm in front of the fireplace.

I do hope that you are surviving and perhaps even enjoying this winter. I know so many people have been hit very hard with lots and lots and lots of snow. Here's hoping that spring is just around the corner and we will all be thawed out soon!