Creative Inspiration - Terrain at Styers

Ever so often it's necessary for me to actually leave my studio in order to refill my creative tank. We have many beautiful and interesting places to go here in eastern Pennsylvania so it's not to difficult to find some inspiration.  Today I went to one of my favorite places... Terrain at Styers. Even though this is a retail establishment, I'm convinced it was created by many talented artists bringing their visions to life. The beautiful foliage above is what greets you as you park your car. As I pulled up I wondered who envisioned this beauty? They must have realized how it would make a weary artist looking for some creative inspiration feel on a hot, humid July day.

Just a few steps past the barn wall foliage, I spotted this display. What a beautiful blend of colors and texture! Whoever put this together was truly an artist.


I'm feeling that I need to go home and build a potting shed just so I can have all of these weathered pots randomly stacked around.

I'm a sucker for handmade packaging. I couldn't leave without a bundle of these...

and a little bundle of dried lavender...

It's amazing how a few hours walking around in a place like this refreshes both your body and mind.  

Lately I've been thinking about my life as an artist and wondering if I'm contributing anything. Does the world really need my art? Do other's feel inspired and refreshed when they see a greeting card or a bowl that I have designed? Does it lift the spirit of someone seeking a little inspiration? Today I realized how much this means to me.

Wishing you an inspiring week!