Kitchen Garden

Did you have a good 4th of July? We spent the day without power due to Hurricane Arthur going up the coast. We were fortunate that it also brought cool temps (in the 60's) so windows were open!

The day before I had purchased a tomato, basil, spearmint and two pepper plants from Lowes. This was the perfect day to transplant and start my little kitchen garden.

I've been wanting a kitchen garden for a while now. Nothing big... just something simple and easy to maintain.

I decided to do a container garden in a convenient place so I would remember to water. I actually look forward to going out every morning to water and check growth.

Love running my hands through the basil and spearmint! So fresh!

It turned out to be a great 4th of July... even with no power. I'm looking forward to my big harvest!  

(Any gardening advise would be appreciated!)