Product Samples - Legacy Publishing Group

I wanted to show you some samples I received a few months ago from Legacy Publishing Group. They are such a nice company to work with and do a very nice job producing their products. Aren't these coasters lovely?

As part of the contract with companies that licensing my art, they are to provide a small amount of samples to me. Projects can take months and months to get the designs just right and even longer to produce. So it's very exciting to see finished products for the first time!

My studio faces the front of our house and has a lovely, large window.  We sit at the top of our street, on the top of a hill that overlooks our small town.

From our high perch, I can see everything that heads up our buses, kids on bicycles, family members headed home. I enjoy it all, but really get excited when FedEx or UPS is headed our way hoping a nice package of samples will be placed at my door!

You never know what FedEx will bring.  Yesterday I received a box full of Christmas flags. 

Hope you are having a blessed day!