Surtex 2014


Once a year artists wishing to license their work to manufacturers head to the Big Apple... more specifically, the Javits center. While I'm writing this, many of my friends are setting up their booths after months and months of preparation. These brave artists represent themselves. I admire them!  I knew from the get-go that I work better focusing on my art and leaving the marketing to someone who knows what they are doing. My art will be represented by the Courtney Davis agency. I share this honor with some amazing artists like Susan Winget, Kelley Rae Roberts, Lori Seibert, Tim Coffey, LoriLynn Simms, Caroline Simas, Chad Barrett, Lisa Kaus, and Holli Conger. 

Courtney Davis booth, 2013

Courtney Davis booth, 2013

On Monday I will walk the show. I am fortunate enough to live within driving distance of NYC and will ride up with another licensing artist. This will be an adventure for me.  We will be driving up from S. Jersey and then taking the ferry across the river.  Evidently the Javits is a short walk from there.  Then, we will do the reverse in the evening.

 The National Stationery Show shares the floor with the Surtex show.  It's such a great opportunity to see the newest art and stationery trends! I just can't wait!