Creative Process Part 3... Color Palettes and Mood Boards

After I have my subject matter, the fun begins… COLOR! I love choosing a color palette!   Sometimes the subject dictates the palette (Christmas, harvest, patriotic…) and other times it is wide open.  There are two online sources I enjoy visiting for color ideas… Adobe Kuler and my favorite, Design Seeds. My creative mind goes crazy with ideas when I see the many different color combos.  Actually, sometimes this is a good place to BEGIN a design process.

So now I have my subject and color palette.  It’s time for a little inspiration… or inspiration board. This is a fun part of the process.  I use to create a physical inspiration board but it is SO easy and quick to create a virtual one with an app (mac) called Growly Notes. (One Note for mac is also available and a great option.) Growly allows me to gather photos and text in one place… much like a cork board on the wall would.  No certain order… just throw everything on a page, move it around, see how one thing plays against another, jot down thoughts and so forth.  Sort of a visual brainstorming. 

One of the best ways to create an inspiration/mood board is.... say it with me.... PINTEREST! Yes! How fun and easy is it to gather great info and post to your project board.  And remember, you can make this a secret board. 

So now my inspiration board has helped me to establish my color palette. Now the REAL fun begins.....

Designing for Art Licensing (My Process) Part 4 - The Main Images

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