Creative Process Part 4... Putting It All Together

My next step is to create the main images.  They must work together and yet say something different.  Icons will be pulled from these main images to create the coordinating patterns. Creating patterns is a whole separate endeavor that I will discuss in another post.

A lot of tweaking happens now. Sometimes this is the point where I have to walk away and leave it for a day or two (if that is an option). Once I am happy with everything (not sure if I am ever totally happy, but you must find a stopping place), I package and ship (virtually) it off to my agent.  And…. sometimes it comes back to me with a few edits… sometimes many, many edits…. and sometimes it is filed away for later use.  I have many collections for some reason just didn’t fly only to revisit them in a year or two, do a little update and find that it’s a hit.  Timing is everything!!

The final reward (I feel rewarded all along the way) is seeing the various ways manufacturers adapt my designs to their product.  I have been known to get very excited when I discover my art on a product in a store and have to share it with those around me... even strangers. It’s usually the poor, unsuspecting sales person. Most of the time they get excited with me.

This is a fluid process but ideally I like to work through these steps.  Hope you found something that will help you in your design process.

How do you work? Is your process similar to mine?  I would love to know!

Happy designing!

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