Creative Process Part 2... Researching Your Target Market

I have always loved researching things I am interested in.  The internet offers endless research possibilities! Google is my friend, but what do I google?

As I mentioned in (Defining Your Target Market}, I am usually given a starting place.  Most of the time, I actually know the company I am designing for.  This makes research a lot easier.


Now I can focus in on learning who their customer is and what retail stores carry their products. If you don't know who you are designing for, have in mind an appropriate company for your style, or maybe a DREAM company.

The first place Google will take me is to the company website.  So much can be learned here.

  • What are their products?

  • Do they list their retail partners?

  • How is the website styled?

  • What are the predominant color palettes and style (of the website, not necessarily the current products because that will change due to trends and seasons). You can get a good feel if they lean trendy, traditional, modern or country.

The next stop on my journey of discovery will be one of my favorites.... PINTEREST!

I'm sure you already know that this is a dangerous place to go and one needs much willpower. Stay focused here people! This is a great resource! You have found a place where (mostly) women come to share pictures of things they love and desire.

  • What comes up when your Pinterest search the manufacturer's name or the retail stores that carry their products?

  • What are "PINsters" pinning from them?

  • Does the manufacturer have a Pinterest page? A wealth of info can be gathered here!

  • If you know the product/subject matter of what you will be designing, you will want to research what has already been done.  What products are already in the marketplace in this area?

So since I have remained focused while in Pinterest Land, I came up with a few subject ideas to explore. Next we move on to { Color Palettes and Mood Boards }

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