Creative Process Part 1... Define Your Target Market


I always find the design process of an artist fascinating. Do you? I am always curious as to where they start? Do they have a plan? Do they have a formula they follow? So, with my fascination leading the way, I thought that I would share a little about the design process that works for me.

Most of the time I am given a starting point by my wonderful agents at Courtney Davis, Inc. These are usually requests from companies I have a history with that have a new project they feel my art would enhance. I love working this way! At other times I have the opportunity to develop something totally new. No directives… I am totally free to create whatever I want…within reason.

Before beginning any art licensing project, an artist must know who they are designing for. By this I don't mean a specific company, but a demographic. Who will be inclined to purchase products with your art? Are most of the stores that will carry your products children's stores, home good shops or sporting good stores? Are the purchasers usually men, women, children or pet lovers? Do your designs lean more to the home decor market, the gift market, or both? 

I know my target market is usually women between the ages of 25 and 65. That’s a wide net and covers a lot of varied interests, but it gives me a starting point. So what do I know about women in this age group?  What are they looking for? How do I research this? 

Stay tuned for Designing for Art LIcensing Part 2...

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