Reordering Your Priorities

During the 30+ years Duane and I have been married, we have made 3 cross-country moves due to job transfers. Each time I would have to leave behind the life I was developing and rebuild in a new area.  This was much harder for the kids and I worked tirelessly to make it as easy on them as possible.

Through all of those years I longed for a little quiet time.  I so admire women that seem to be able to juggle many balls at the same time.

I am not one of them.

We have now been in the Philadelphia area for over 12 years… the longest we have lived anywhere.  The boys are grown and well on their way to developing their own lives.  The youngest one is a year away from graduating college and the oldest son just landed his dream job. So proud of them both!

All of a sudden I have a quiet house…and BAM! I get sick! Usually when something like this (flu) hits me I am able to keep going and just sniffle, cough and complain my way through.  Not this time.  I would show up in my studio to work on approaching deadlines but would end up trashing whatever I started. Day after day of this.

Depression started to set in.

Maybe a little empty nest syndrome???

Into week three I began to get a little brain clarity.  I still wasn’t able to accomplish much in my studio but my thoughts went to family, brevity of life, goals for myself and family. I realized that I had been running through life without much of a plan. My life had been based on “who” needed “what” from me. I was support personnel. It was time to reorder my priorities.

I’m into week 4 of flu-ness aftermath but gaining more clarity each day. My plan of reorder has not been fully developed yet, but I am totally enjoying working on it.  What about you? Do you need to STOP and reevaluate the order of you life? I can’t wait to see where my new plan takes me!