Terrain at Styers...Terrarium Love

For Christmas my sons scheduled (and paid for) a class on how to properly build a terrarium at the amazing Terrain at Styers. Last year I was given a gift certificate to Terrain and held on to it for the whole year.  For some reason, I have a hard time spending a gift certificate. So, they wanted to make sure I enjoyed my gift this year. And I did!!

Just so happened that Jill Biden, wife of VP Joe Biden, was in the lovely restaurant while the boys were shopping.

The class was held in one of the green houses on the property.  Below is the display you see as you enter the class area.

On occasion I take myself to Terrain at Styers for a little artist inspiration.  Can you see why?

A little snack and beverage (is wine a beverage?) was to the right of the work area.

I wish I had taken a picture looking down the long table they had set up with elements for the terrarium spread down the middle like a table runner.  Everyone (about 35 ladies) lined the sides of the table to work.

After learning a little bit about terrariums we were sent in to pick a container.  Again, should have taken pictures of the variety of containers to pick from.

If I had thought my creation would have turned out this good, I would have taken pictures during the process of building it.  I was pleasantly surprised!!

My final creation. It now shares my studio with me.

Isn’t she pretty? I’m in love with terrariums and Terrain!

Enjoy your day.