Artist Block

I am so blessed to be able to work in a creative field. It is a joy to enter my studio each and (most) every morning.  There is a “happiness” that comes with living a creative life. For the most part, one “chooses” to live creatively. And then there are days which feel like creativity has chosen you.  I love these days… ideas flow freely… I am able to zero in on the exact shade of red to use… my brushes apply the paint exactly as I want them to… and my pencil almost sketches by itself. These days don’t come often (for me)… they are a gift!

More than we like, there are days that make us feel as if we don’t have a creative bone in our body.  Our well has run dry.  I have come to realize that these “creative droughts” are necessary.  Our spirit is telling us it is time to replenish our creative souls… time to take ourselves on what Julia Cameron, author of The Artist Way calls, an “artist date”… a creative excursion of some kind.  Whatever it is that excites you creatively.  For me its visiting the quaint little shops in our downtown area.  I love seeing other creatives at work!At times we are blocked by things we just need to stop and deal with.  I am especially skilled in the art of “procrastination”.  I tend to use my work deadlines to push taking care of other things to the bottom of the “list of things to do”. But, these things will only allow me to ignore them for so long. I find that after checking some of these tasks off my list clarity returns and the creative ideas are free to flow again.

When these creative droughts hit, relax and step away… take care of hinderances and refill the well.  Now you are free to do your best creative work ever!

Wishing an inspired day for you!