Ready for Christmas?

Christmas Nesting Boxes can be found at Joann's.

Christmas Nesting Boxes can be found at Joann's.

I've been enjoying doing my Christmas decorating little by little this year instead of doing it in one big frenzy. For the last couple of years, I've let the season get away from me. This year I was determined to take my time and enjoy every little bit of it. 

During the time my husband and I have been married, we've had three cross-country moves. Each time, Christmas ornaments and decor get packed away, never to be seen again. After 14 years in one location, we still have a large basement filled with unopened boxes. How does this happen?

So this year, I started my anthropological dig to uncover long forgotten Christmas artifacts.

I've always loved houses... houses of any size or shape. I immediately fell in love with these tall, skinny ones. They make me think of Christmas in the Alps.

And I guess I love tall, skinny Santa's too!

And these sweet guys.

(You can't see it but they are tall and skinny too. Notice a pattern here?)

And these guys just make me giggle a little bit.

And my sweet angel. Reaching for her dreams.

Uncovering all of these ornaments brought back many special memories, but none as special as finding the sweet little gifts my boys made in school. Without a doubt, these are my favorites. Where did the years go?

I hope you're enjoying this season and getting to share it with lots of family and friends!

Blessing to you!

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