Pattern Camp with Jessica Swift

Mood boards, color palettes, live trace, straight repeat, half-drop, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop … Jessica Swift’s Pattern Camp is an aspiring surface designer’s dream. Even though I have been creating patterns for about 8 years, I signed up for camp. There’s always more to learn in the world of pattern design.


Since my art is not vector based (Jessica will teach you what that means), Photoshop has been my software of choice for repeats. Jessica introduced me to a whole new pattern creation tool. During this intense (fun) two-day camp, I learned what Adobe Illustrator has to offer and will be able to incorporate many of these new techniques into my routine.

As most artists are, I am a visual learner. Pattern campers are able to watch Jessica’s computer screen as she demonstrates every technique. Even though repeat creation can be confusing and intimidating, her warm and comfortable teaching style makes it easy and understandable. ( You even get glimpses of her sweet cat from time to time.)

A private Facebook group is provided for Pattern Camper’s to share their work and get to know each other. Everyone came to Pattern Camp with different design skills. How fun it was to watch newbie campers learn to create their first straight repeat and then move on to a half-drop.

Jessica was very good at participating in the Facebook group with comments and assistance. (I don’t think she slept or ate for two days!) She also answers camper questions during 3 live Spreecast sessions.

If you have dreams of becoming a surface designer, keep a lookout for Jessica’s next Pattern Camp offering. And don’t worry, you don’t have to learn everything in two days. The course is available to camper’s for an extended period.

The possibilities are endless!

Happy pattern design!